Research & Data

The National Hydropower Asset Assessment Program (NHAAP) was initiated in FY2010, starting with gathering, organizing and validating the stream network, facility configuration, historic generation, and water availability data necessary to trend the production and capacity of hydropower for the Department of Energy (DOE) Water Power Program. Given the increasing importance of renewable energy, the scope of the NHAAP has been continuously expanding to cover broader issues in the hydropower arena, such as non-powered dam potential, climate change impacts, new stream-reach development potential, pumped storage, and environmental mitigation. By evaluating hydropower resources conceptually and technically from various angles, the NHAAP seeks optimal solutions for using clean hydropower in the most efficient and environmentally friendly fashion.

Explore items on the NHAAP website's Research & Data drop-down menu to learn about various NHAAP research projects and download data. To explore a comprehensive database of ORNL research publications that use or produce NHAAP data, please visit the NHAAP's publications web page.