HydroGIS Viewer


The HydroGIS Viewer is a geographic information system (GIS) web map service that allows registered users to view select key information from the NHAAP. Geospatial information that can be visualized through HydroGIS Viewer include:

  • Geospatial distribution and characterization of existing hydropower plants, dams, and generators;
  • Environmental mitigation layers;
  • Geospatially summarized New Stream-reach Development (NSD) potential and environmental attributes from the ORNL NSD Resource Assessment;
  • Geospatial distribution of Non-Powered Dam (NPD) potential from the ORNL NPD Resource Assessment;
  • Streamflow and climate time series information;
  • Geographic reference layers.

The intended use of HydroGIS Viewer is for visualizing summarized data and select key geospatial information and features from the NHAAP. Please note that HydroGIS Viewer allows for GIS query functionality but is not designed or intended to be used as an analytic tool for assessing potential or feasible hydropower development. Also, please note that HydroGIS Viewer and included data layers are provisional and may change. Please refer to NHAAP Research and GIS Data & Maps or contact us for more information.

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions before requesting access for HydroGIS Viewer.

Additional Resources:

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Note to Users:

  • Please use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browsers. Errors may result if HydroGIS is opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • HydroGIS Viewer layers occasionally do not appear after logging in on a computer with a significantly large monitor. If this occurs, please try making the browser window smaller and then reload the HydroGIS Viewer Login page before logging in again. If the issue persists, please contact the NHAAP Team for further assistance.