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HydroGIS is a web map service provided by the ORNL NHAAP team that allows users to explore various water power-related geographic information such as hydropower technology, infrastructure, and license information, as well as potential environmental concerns and other landscape characteristics relevant to aid in a wide range of critical water resource, energy, and environmental decisions. Several major water-energy data sources are used to provide regular updates to the HydroGIS map service.

Note: HydroGIS is primarily intended to be an interactive map service for users to visually explore the spatial distribution of key NHAAP hydropower resource data. NHAAP provides publicly available geographic data for download from select ORNL resource assessments and data integration efforts on a provisional basis. Please refer to NHAAP Research web pages or contact us for more information.

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions if you would like to request access to the HydroGIS web map service.

HydroGIS User Manual

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Note: Please use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browsers. Errors may result if HydroGIS is opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Data products from the following projects are available to download in shapefile format: