Existing Hydropower Assets

As part of the NHAAP database effort, ORNL integrates data from multiple data sources and provides the most current, detailed, and spatially comprehensive information for analyzing and visualizing existing US hydropower assets. Existing Hydropower Asset data are housed within the comprehensive NHAAP geographic information system (GIS) at ORNL and used to support various research initiatives for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Water Power Program. Existing Hydropower Asset data allow the nation to monitor its largest source of renewable electricity, integrate it with other resource assessments, and perform a wide variety of analyses that inform management decisions and policy.

NOTE: NHAAP provides publicly available geographic data on a provisional basis from various resource assessments, environmental mitigation research, and data integration efforts. Select information from NHAAP Existing Hydropower Assets data are summarized and may be viewed in HydroGIS Viewer. Geospatial Existing Hydropower Asset data are not currently available for public download through HydroGIS Viewer due to existing privacy agreements with our collaborators and data source providers. Please refer to the GIS Data & Maps web page to find downloadable geospatial data, maps, tools, and related information from NHAAP.

The National Hydropower Map

The National Hydropower Map was first created in 2013 to display the distribution and characteristics of the existing US hydropower fleet. NHAAP Existing Hydropower Assets data were used to produce the original map. The 2014 version is now available and includes the most recent hydropower plant information from NHAAP Existing Hydropower Assets geospatial data layers and updated map elements.

The 2014 National Hydropower Map

Map Title The 2014 National Hydropower Map
Primary Data Source NHAAP-Existing Hydropower Assets
Description Spatial distribution of US hydropower plants by installed capacity, facility type, and ownership type; spatial distribution of runnoff by 8-digit hydrologic unit code spatial accounting units; major US river systems.
Cartographer Nicole Samu
Theme Existing Hydropower Assets
Date Created August-2014
Spatial Extent United States
Downloadable Map 23x18| Medium Resolution (PDF, 47.1 MB)
Downloadable Map Poster | Medium Resolution (PNG, 66.8 MB)
Downloadable Map Poster | High Resolution (PDF, 126 MB)